الأربعاء، 31 مارس 2010

A Moment of Inspiration

Have you ever seen a mule, C'mon don think they're this far away, look around, mostly look like a horse but it's not.
And the main advantage that distinguishes the mule among the horse and the donkey is that it's a son of both, and have the best of both too, patient like a donkey and a hard worker like a horse.
But you must pay a great attention when you deal with a mule, he (let call him he, not it, or she if you prefer) is very very sensitive, and if you mistreat him, he/ she will suicide, if it happens because you're obsessed with the idea that he / she is just a mule, don't say I didn't warn you.

But to save you from feeling guilty, I'll tell you something about the mule.
First, I'm not going to talk about the great role that mules played in history, and not even talk about the very hard and essential missions that they're playing every day in the army to make out us safe.
I want each of you to relax first and feel the feelings of the mule….
Let's sail together in a mule's memory…
No family, there is no mother cared for him, no father played silly games with him, and they just knock him out to the world, to you….

Let's continue sailing, to see no true love in his life, he is infertile, won't ever make a family by his own…….., feel so lonely, walking in his imagination, you see, walking in another world, a completely different world, where he moves freely in the prairie and flirts the grass, going up and down, he's running, running very fast 10 minutes, 15, 30, and 60, he is tired, but he wants to reach this summit out there, have you ever noticed it? He does, and running to reach it, driven by his need to free himself, to get his soul high above, we're him right now, feel exactly what he feels, and need what he needs, no matter how far is the summit, we keep running until we reach it.

Oh, finally it's the summit, we made it!  we breathe a different air, we feel the eternity of the moment, oh my merciful God, fill me with this feeling in every single moment…….., oh, no one can describe this, it tastes so different………., How would any one describe a completely new taste with words, no matter how hard he tries?
Now, and after some time, we look around, the sky above, the clouds, the grass, the prairie, we couldn't imagine how it bigger this prairie, and the variety of its elements, all these grass, these flowers, seedlings, fountains, all of these are mine!
Ahmed Abdel_Hamed kamal


Tell me
Look at my eyes,
and please don't lie.
Have your love changed?.
Is it not the same?.
Is it you or is it me?,
or you just want to be free?.
Tell me because I don't know,
who you are now or where did your love go.
Tell me and I'll understand,
come to me where I stand,
grab me in your arms,
take away all my sighs.
Tell me for once,
tell me for real.
Am I the one for you?.
Is there is really you and me?.
by: Marwa Hakim
Crystal Ball

My dear:
I’ll talk to you after thousands of years of silence, after centuries of seeking the unknown, after long time of looking at people eyes.
Dear human; you look at me, excited, but what do you see?!!
Do you see smoky flames?! Or bright light?! , cheerful colors of happiness?! Or dark colors of fear & sadness?! Or you just look at me & see a glassy colorless smooth ball?!!
Thousands of eyes keep looking, staring, with their minds seeking the old mysterious question; what will I see?!
That’s the human nature, they’re seeking the unknown. They need a torch to help them with the maze, the maze of their life.
Human, you made me a mirror to your future, waiting for a future picture of you to appear. I was created by you to be used by you, but I’m still a myth to you. Your life will go on & the same question mark of the future still hanged inside my emptiness.
Human, my dear, I’ll tell you what you’ll never understand; I’m not a reflection of the future, but I’m a reflection of you, a reflection of your life. You’ll see what you need & you’ll see what you fear, because that’s your nature “A Future Seeker”. What you need to understand is simple; I’m just a mirror to what your inside reflects or expresses. If you need to change your future picture, then look at your inside & change it first before taking this picture as a fact, that’s my only advice to you.
Human, my only friend, I like your mysterious nature, so don’t stop looking at me inside your complicated mind & I know you’ll never do, my dear future seeker.

Mahmoud Ismael